Freshwater Coin Pearls surround by sterling silver halo of branches

Perfect for Mother's Day

Choose from the wide collection of best selling designs perfect for Mother's Day!  You can also make it personal by selecting our custom birthstone jewelry.



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Appeal Bracelet - Susan Rodgers DesignsAppeal Bracelet - Susan Rodgers Designs
Appeal Bracelet
Sale price$ 145.00

6 colors available

Simplicity Necklace - Susan Rodgers DesignsSimplicity Necklace - Susan Rodgers Designs
Simplicity Necklace
Sale priceFrom $ 89.00

8 colors available

Appeal Earrings - Susan Rodgers DesignsAppeal Earrings - Susan Rodgers Designs
Appeal Earrings
Sale price$ 60.00

5 colors available

Wind Wave Bracelet - Susan Rodgers DesignsWind Wave Bracelet - Susan Rodgers Designs
Wind Wave Bracelet
Sale price$ 138.00

4 colors available

Pixie Earrings - Susan Rodgers DesignsPixie Earrings - Susan Rodgers Designs
Pixie Earrings
Sale price$ 145.00

6 colors available

Reflection Necklace - Susan Rodgers DesignsReflection Necklace - Susan Rodgers Designs
Reflection Necklace
Sale price$ 115.00
Drift  Bracelet with assorted stones - Susan Rodgers DesignsDrift  Bracelet with assorted stones - Susan Rodgers Designs
Drift  Bracelet - Susan Rodgers DesignsDrift  Bracelet - Susan Rodgers Designs
Drift Bracelet
Sale price$ 215.00
Angel Earrings - Susan Rodgers DesignsAngel Earrings - Susan Rodgers Designs
Angel Earrings
Sale price$ 179.00
Harbor Necklace - Susan Rodgers DesignsHarbor Necklace - Susan Rodgers Designs
Harbor Necklace
Sale priceFrom $ 215.00

2 colors available

Ebony Jewelwing Necklace - Susan Rodgers DesignsEbony Jewelwing Necklace - Susan Rodgers Designs
Ebony Jewelwing Necklace
Sale price$ 158.00
Fearless Earrings - Susan Rodgers DesignsFearless Earrings - Susan Rodgers Designs
Fearless Earrings
Sale price$ 145.00
Halo Ring - Susan Rodgers DesignsHalo Ring - Susan Rodgers Designs
Halo Ring
Sale price$ 158.00

3 colors available

Alma Necklace - Susan Rodgers DesignsAlma Necklace - Susan Rodgers Designs
Alma Necklace
Sale price$ 145.00
Tide Earrings - Susan Rodgers DesignsTide Earrings - Susan Rodgers Designs
Tide Earrings
Sale price$ 96.00
Lotus Earrings - Susan Rodgers DesignsLotus Earrings - Susan Rodgers Designs
Lotus Earrings
Sale price$ 250.00
Bloom Necklace - Susan Rodgers DesignsBloom Necklace - Susan Rodgers Designs
Bloom Necklace
Sale priceFrom $ 168.00

8 colors available

Birthstone Bloom Necklace - Susan Rodgers DesignsBirthstone Bloom Necklace - Susan Rodgers Designs
Birthstone Bloom Necklace
Sale priceFrom $ 160.00
Cyan EarringsCyan Earrings
Cyan Earrings
Sale priceFrom $ 115.00
Azure NecklaceAzure Necklace
Azure Necklace
Sale price$ 280.00
Moonlight EarringsMoonlight Earrings
Moonlight Earrings
Sale price$ 145.00

1 color available

Beryl NecklaceBeryl Necklace
Beryl Necklace
Sale price$ 895.00
Wisteria Ring - Susan Rodgers DesignsWisteria Ring - Susan Rodgers Designs
Wisteria Ring
Sale price$ 225.00
Wisteria Necklace - Susan Rodgers DesignsWisteria Necklace - Susan Rodgers Designs
Wisteria Necklace
Sale price$ 215.00
Lotus Necklace - Susan Rodgers DesignsLotus Necklace - Susan Rodgers Designs
Lotus Necklace
Sale price$ 189.00

Customer Love!

The "Flourish ring" was an anniversary gift, handmade by an artist who is excellent at what she does

Lauren G