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Drift Bracelet

$ 195.00

    Inspired by the natural beauty of willows, this handcrafted silver bracelet doesn’t miss a detail. Small silver branches, made by using actual willow trees as molds, lithely intertwine and wind around the wrist. Smooth freshwater pearls recreate the furry buds of these trees, making this unique bracelet a natural work of art.

    Length: 7 1/2" to 8"
    Material: Recycled sterling silver and freshwater pearls
    Chain: circular flat cable chain with 3.6mm sterling silver links
    Clasp: Lobster claw 
    Packaging: 100% recyclable gift box containing tarnish-resistant tissue.
    Other Information:
    Our designs are made with precious/semi-precious stones and each is unique due to natural variances in each stone. 
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