New Jewelry Designs

New Jewelry Designs

Check out these beauties that are hot off the jewelry bench!



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Appeal Bracelet - Susan Rodgers DesignsAppeal Bracelet - Susan Rodgers Designs
Appeal Bracelet
Sale price$ 145.00

6 colors available

Sold out
Lapis Radiant RingLapis Radiant Ring
Lapis Radiant Ring
Sale price$ 180.00
Lotus Earrings - Susan Rodgers DesignsLotus Earrings - Susan Rodgers Designs
Lotus Earrings
Sale price$ 250.00
Resilience Earrings - Susan Rodgers DesignsResilience Earrings - Susan Rodgers Designs
Resilience Earrings
Sale price$ 175.00

4 colors available

Awakening Earrings - Susan Rodgers DesignsAwakening Earrings - Susan Rodgers Designs
Awakening Earrings
Sale price$ 185.00
Small Lotus Necklace - Susan Rodgers DesignsSmall Lotus Necklace - Susan Rodgers Designs
Small Lotus Necklace
Sale price$ 155.00

2 colors available

Lotus Necklace - Susan Rodgers DesignsLotus Necklace - Susan Rodgers Designs
Lotus Necklace
Sale price$ 179.00
Small Lotus Threader Earrings - Susan Rodgers DesignsSmall Lotus Threader Earrings - Susan Rodgers Designs
Small Lotus Threader Earrings
Sale price$ 155.00
Twig Necklace - Susan Rodgers DesignsTwig Necklace - Susan Rodgers Designs
Twig Necklace
Sale price$ 195.00
Cosmic Ring - Susan Rodgers DesignsCosmic Ring - Susan Rodgers Designs
Cosmic Ring
Sale price$ 200.00

3 colors available

14K & Sterling Defiant Necklace - Susan Rodgers Designs14K & Sterling Defiant Necklace - Susan Rodgers Designs
14K & Sterling Defiant Necklace
Sale priceFrom $ 245.00
Luminous Necklace - Susan Rodgers DesignsLuminous Necklace - Susan Rodgers Designs
Luminous Necklace
Sale priceFrom $ 175.00

6 colors available

Bloom Necklace - Susan Rodgers DesignsBloom Necklace - Susan Rodgers Designs
Bloom Necklace
Sale priceFrom $ 168.00

8 colors available

Customer Love!

The "Flourish ring" was an anniversary gift, handmade by an artist who is excellent at what she does

Lauren G