Fearless Collection

Fearless Collection

Embrace the organic beauty and tranquility of the forest in our recycled sterling silver jewelry designs. Celebrate what the earth gives us with these eco-friendly designs.



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Drift  Bracelet with assorted stones - Susan Rodgers DesignsDrift  Bracelet with assorted stones - Susan Rodgers Designs
Drift  Bracelet - Susan Rodgers DesignsDrift  Bracelet - Susan Rodgers Designs
Drift Bracelet
Sale price$ 215.00
Angel Earrings - Susan Rodgers DesignsAngel Earrings - Susan Rodgers Designs
Angel Earrings
Sale price$ 179.00
Fearless Earrings - Susan Rodgers DesignsFearless Earrings - Susan Rodgers Designs
Fearless Earrings
Sale price$ 145.00
Navette Earrings - Susan Rodgers DesignsNavette Earrings - Susan Rodgers Designs
Navette Earrings
Sale priceFrom $ 168.00

3 colors available

Flourish Ring - Susan Rodgers DesignsFlourish Ring - Susan Rodgers Designs
Flourish Ring
Sale price$ 295.00

1 color available

Birthstone Bloom Necklace - Susan Rodgers DesignsBirthstone Bloom Necklace - Susan Rodgers Designs
Birthstone Bloom Necklace
Sale priceFrom $ 160.00
Fearless Earrings with stones - Susan Rodgers DesignsFearless Earrings with stones - Susan Rodgers Designs
Fearless Earrings with stones
Sale price$ 172.00

7 colors available

Marquise Necklace - Susan Rodgers DesignsMarquise Necklace - Susan Rodgers Designs
Marquise Necklace
Sale priceFrom $ 145.00

3 colors available

Ethereal Earrings - Susan Rodgers DesignsEthereal Earrings - Susan Rodgers Designs
Ethereal Earrings
Sale price$ 168.00
Bloom Necklace - Susan Rodgers DesignsBloom Necklace - Susan Rodgers Designs
Bloom Necklace
Sale priceFrom $ 168.00

8 colors available

Radiant Necklace - Susan Rodgers DesignsRadiant Necklace - Susan Rodgers Designs
Radiant Necklace
Sale priceFrom $ 249.00

4 colors available

Fearless Necklace - Susan Rodgers DesignsFearless Necklace - Susan Rodgers Designs
Fearless Necklace
Sale price$ 750.00
Warrior Necklace - Susan Rodgers DesignsWarrior Necklace - Susan Rodgers Designs
Warrior Necklace
Sale price$ 525.00
Luminous Necklace - Susan Rodgers DesignsLuminous Necklace - Susan Rodgers Designs
Luminous Necklace
Sale priceFrom $ 175.00

6 colors available

Luminous Earrings - Susan Rodgers DesignsLuminous Earrings - Susan Rodgers Designs
Luminous Earrings
Sale price$ 245.00
Wisteria Necklace - Susan Rodgers DesignsWisteria Necklace - Susan Rodgers Designs
Wisteria Necklace
Sale price$ 215.00
Wisteria Ring - Susan Rodgers DesignsWisteria Ring - Susan Rodgers Designs
Wisteria Ring
Sale price$ 225.00
Minuet Necklace - Susan Rodgers DesignsMinuet Necklace - Susan Rodgers Designs
Minuet Necklace
Sale price$ 335.00

Customer Love!

The "Flourish ring" was an anniversary gift, handmade by an artist who is excellent at what she does

Lauren G