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Small Heart Necklace

$ 97.00

Whether you need a gift declaring how much a loved one means to you, or you want to treat yourself to a reminder that you are worthy of being loved,  this heart necklace offers  the sweetest loving sentiments. The heart are not polished and perfect, but rather textured and freeform, demonstrating that love comes in many shapes. Handcrafted from willow branches that have been cast in sterling silver, the necklace  could also be an expression of your love for nature. Semi-precious  or pearl dangle  add a pop of color to accent the design.  A smaller version of the stone or pearl daintily hangs from the clasp as well. 

- Materials: Oxidized sterling silver or antique brass with semi-precious or pearl dangle

- Chain material: Sterling silver or gold fill (for brass heart) 

- Chain length: 16” with 2” extender

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