Mother's Day Best Selling Jewelry

Mother's Day Best Selling Jewelry

These are Susan's favorite pieces for Mother's Day.  There are designs with a variety of designs - even personalized pieces all Moms would cherish!



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Appeal Bracelet - Susan Rodgers DesignsAppeal Bracelet - Susan Rodgers Designs
Appeal Bracelet
Sale price$ 145.00

6 colors available

Simplicity Necklace - Susan Rodgers DesignsSimplicity Necklace - Susan Rodgers Designs
Simplicity Necklace
Sale priceFrom $ 89.00

8 colors available

Appeal Earrings - Susan Rodgers DesignsAppeal Earrings - Susan Rodgers Designs
Appeal Earrings
Sale price$ 60.00

5 colors available

Wind Wave Bracelet - Susan Rodgers DesignsWind Wave Bracelet - Susan Rodgers Designs
Wind Wave Bracelet
Sale price$ 138.00

4 colors available

Pixie Earrings - Susan Rodgers DesignsPixie Earrings - Susan Rodgers Designs
Pixie Earrings
Sale price$ 145.00

6 colors available

Reflection Necklace - Susan Rodgers DesignsReflection Necklace - Susan Rodgers Designs
Reflection Necklace
Sale price$ 115.00
Drift  Bracelet with assorted stones - Susan Rodgers DesignsDrift  Bracelet with assorted stones - Susan Rodgers Designs
Drift  Bracelet - Susan Rodgers DesignsDrift  Bracelet - Susan Rodgers Designs
Drift Bracelet
Sale price$ 215.00
Angel Earrings - Susan Rodgers DesignsAngel Earrings - Susan Rodgers Designs
Angel Earrings
Sale price$ 179.00
Harbor Necklace - Susan Rodgers DesignsHarbor Necklace - Susan Rodgers Designs
Harbor Necklace
Sale priceFrom $ 215.00

2 colors available

Ebony Jewelwing Necklace - Susan Rodgers DesignsEbony Jewelwing Necklace - Susan Rodgers Designs
Ebony Jewelwing Necklace
Sale price$ 158.00
Fearless Earrings - Susan Rodgers DesignsFearless Earrings - Susan Rodgers Designs
Fearless Earrings
Sale price$ 145.00
Halo Ring - Susan Rodgers DesignsHalo Ring - Susan Rodgers Designs
Halo Ring
Sale price$ 158.00

3 colors available

Alma Necklace - Susan Rodgers DesignsAlma Necklace - Susan Rodgers Designs
Alma Necklace
Sale price$ 145.00
Tide Earrings - Susan Rodgers DesignsTide Earrings - Susan Rodgers Designs
Tide Earrings
Sale price$ 96.00
Lotus Earrings - Susan Rodgers DesignsLotus Earrings - Susan Rodgers Designs
Lotus Earrings
Sale price$ 250.00
Bloom Necklace - Susan Rodgers DesignsBloom Necklace - Susan Rodgers Designs
Bloom Necklace
Sale priceFrom $ 168.00

8 colors available

Birthstone Bloom Necklace - Susan Rodgers DesignsBirthstone Bloom Necklace - Susan Rodgers Designs
Birthstone Bloom Necklace
Sale priceFrom $ 160.00
Cyan EarringsCyan Earrings
Cyan Earrings
Sale priceFrom $ 115.00
Azure NecklaceAzure Necklace
Azure Necklace
Sale price$ 280.00
Moonlight EarringsMoonlight Earrings
Moonlight Earrings
Sale price$ 145.00

1 color available

Beryl NecklaceBeryl Necklace
Beryl Necklace
Sale price$ 895.00
Wisteria Ring - Susan Rodgers DesignsWisteria Ring - Susan Rodgers Designs
Wisteria Ring
Sale price$ 225.00
Wisteria Necklace - Susan Rodgers DesignsWisteria Necklace - Susan Rodgers Designs
Wisteria Necklace
Sale price$ 215.00
Lotus Necklace - Susan Rodgers DesignsLotus Necklace - Susan Rodgers Designs
Lotus Necklace
Sale price$ 189.00

Customer Love!

The "Flourish ring" was an anniversary gift, handmade by an artist who is excellent at what she does

Lauren G