Pixie Necklace

Susan Rodgers Designs

fresh water pearl
aqua chalcedony
smoky topaz
crystal quartz

If you are seeking a pearl of wisdom, our advice is to not let this unique beauty pass you by. Dangling on the end of this handmade silver necklace, you’ll find a stunning cultured pearl sitting nestled in its sterling branches. Inspired by the magnificent artistry found in nature, this detailed silver “nest” was inspired by actual willow branches. Take the time to stop and appreciate this natural beauty.

Available in aqua chalcedony, fresh water pearl, crystal quartz, amethyst , labradorite or smoky quartz.

Materials:  sterling silver, semi-precious stone or fresh water pearl    

Pendant: 3/8" round 

Necklace length:  16" with 2" sterling extender     


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