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About Susan Rodgers Designs

Hi, I am Susan

It took a long road to get where I’m meant to be.  My art education was cut short at 18 years old by a life threatening car accident. 

After my recovery, I took a position in the corporate world where I constantly felt stifled and unsatisfied. For 20 years I worked in a career that I never belonged in.  Coming from a long line of artisans, the need to create was impossible to deny and it was obvious that I needed to pursue an artistic life.


Living on Long Island, our family spent summers camping and boating on Fire Island.  This gem of an island taught me the true love of nature, exploring  the forests, trails and beaches.  It was only natural to incorporate this love into my jewelry designs.

The Process

Inspiration comes in many forms.  Whether it’s the elegant line of a tree, the textures in stones or a fallen flower petal, nature always provides.  These begin the design process in my head.  Sketches of what I envisioned begin.  Drawings from many angles along with notes on measurements, metals and process used fill the studio. The jewelry design dictates what process is used.  A majority of the designs begin with lost wax casting. This ancient process allows the finest shapes and textures to emerge from a block of wax. The use of rolling mills, texturing hammers and torches also allow the jewelry design to come to life. Before the jewelry is begins to create provides my design ideas.  

Cherishing the earth

We use earth-friendly processes to create our recycled sterling silver jewelry.

We choose our partners carefully and wisely. The refinery we work with uses processes that produce 75% less chemicals and creates zero waste water discharge. Scrubber systems remove harmful particulates from all exhaust fumes, so only clean air enters the environment.  All cooling water for the smelting furnaces is recycled. These environmentally-friendly techniques always exceed federal, state and local environmental regulations.