About Susan Rodgers

I have been surrounded with art and craft my whole life. I grew up watching my father, a self-taught painter, express himself in various mediums. I was always anxious to catch a glimpse of him painting, working in his wood shop creating a piece of furniture or even making his own fishing poles, decorative lures and cast weights. My dad's artistry was passed down to me and my siblings, but it took years before I found my true expressive medium in jewelry design.  This happened when, after over 20 years of working in the "black & white" corporate world, I took the tremendous leap of faith (with the amazing support of my husband), and began creating my jewelry on a professional level.  

 My work has evolved since that first leap, and sometimes I feel the designs morph on their own.  With nature as my guide, after a walk in one of the many nature preserves that surround my home,   it's just my hands that forge, solder and create what they want to be. The peace and tranquility that I feel while surrounded by nature I try to convey in my designs.  I love bringing that organic feel to my work and watch the design come to life.
 It is so satisfying to share my work with others and see how much they enjoy their handcrafted design-for this I am truly thankful. 

I love each sterling silver design I create. When my work is worn by others who feel the same way,  it is a constant reminder to myself of how fortunate I am to share my work.

None of my journey could have been possible without the support of my husband and children.  xo