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Radiant Ring

$ 172.00

    Stare steadily into the eye of this fascinating sterling silver ring, and you will see why it is so hard to turn away. Enchanting semi-precious stones are ensconced within in a swirl of branch-like silver. This unique handcrafted Boho style ring is made to be adjustable.

    Head: 1" diameter
    Ring shank: Adjustable or available in sizes 5 through 9 including quarter and half sizes. Indicate the size desired when placing your order    
    Material: Recycled sterling silver with semi-precious stones or freshwater coin pearl
    Packaging: 100% recyclable gift box containing tarnish-resistant tissue

    Other Information:
    Our designs are made with precious/semi-precious stones and each is unique due to natural variances in each stone. 
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    Fresh water coin pearl
    Aqua chalcedony
    Smokey Quartz
    Rose Quartz
    Crystal Quartz
    White Druzy
    Silver Druzy
    Gray Druzy

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