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Gossamer Necklace

$ 249.00

The delicate flower petals that just shed from a tree that Susan happened upon during one of her walks was the inspiration for this statement piece.   The feather like petal details were hand carved in wax and then created in sterling silver using the age old lost wax casting method.  

Versatility in this design is two fold.  First the anther and filament portion of the flower is hand forged in a golden brass, allowing accent pieces in both white and gold metals.  Secondly is the hidden loops on the rear of the design which enables the necklace to be worn short or long.    

The necklace is available in 16” to 32” or 18” to 36” options.   

Materials:  Sterling silver, tarnish resistant brass, sterling silver gun metal plated chain

Pendant dimensions:  1 3/4” x 1 3/8” 

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